Curriculum Comparison

Explore the current curriculum, the 2021 draft curriculum, the 2018 draft curriculum by grade level and subject area, and compare them side-by-side.

Hear from the Experts

Explore the valuable feedback and expertise that has been shared by a wide variety of people.

Support your Community

Albertans Reject Curriculum Draft Facebook Group

The Albertans Reject Curriculum Draft Facebook group has nearly 40 000 members, whose common interest is their concern about the K-6 Draft Curriculum.  It is an active community, and there is a wealth of information and discussion.

Hear From Alberta’s School Boards

Many Alberta school boards have issued statements or even conducted their own reviews of the Draft K-6 Curriculum. Contact your school board to learn more.

Hear from the Alberta Teachers’ Association

The Alberta Teachers’ Association has a long history of participating in curriculum development in Alberta, and has provided extensive feedback on the K-6 Draft Curriculum, including this review (https://www.teachers.ab.ca/News%20Room/NewsReleases/Pages/Curriculum-Review-Shows-K%E2%80%936-Draft-Fails-to-Meet-Government%E2%80%99s-Own-Standards.aspx) which includes feedback from more than 6500 Alberta teachers.