I am one of thousands of Albertans who is very concerned about the K-6 Draft Curriculum that was released in March 2021.  I do not want it implemented in our classrooms.

I believe there are many problems with this draft that will impact our children for years to come.

Thousands of Albertans are very concerned about the K-6 Draft Curriculum that was released in March 2021, and the changes made since then (both big and small) have done little to improve it.  There are many problems that will impact our children for years to come, including:

  • Many concepts are not age appropriate
  • There is far too much content for children to reasonably learn
  • Valuable content has been removed
  • It contains many factual errors
  • Content from higher grades has been moved down to K-6
  • It doesn’t take into account how children learn best
  • It is not respectful of cultural beliefs and practices
  • It focuses too much on memorizing facts
  • It doesn’t encourage children to develop critical thinking skills
  • It contains information that could be harmful to our children’s mental well-being
  • The transition from the current curriculum to the new one will be difficult for many students
  • It is NOT better than the current curriculum or the 2018 draft curriculum

Alberta’s educators – those who are directly responsible for teaching our children – have raised many serious concerns with the K-6 Draft Curriculum, and almost all public school boards in Alberta have refused to pilot it.  The message is clear: our children deserve better.

If you care about a child who will experience the K-6 Draft Curriculum, then I am asking you to consider this issue.  Please look at English Language Arts, Math, and Physical Education and Wellness, which will be implemented in 2022-2023.  Compare it to the world-class curriculum that is currently being taught.  Compare it to the 2018 Draft Curriculum that was carefully developed with input from thousands of teachers, experts, parents, and other stakeholders over a period of several years, before it was set aside by the current government. 

If you don’t feel qualified to evaluate curriculum yourself, then consider the conclusions that have been shared by people who are.  And if you find yourself feeling uncomfortable at the prospect of this material being taught in Alberta’s classrooms, then join the thousands of other Albertans who believe that our children deserve better.